Frank Ray – Friday February 9th 2024 at Rio Grande Theatre

Frank Ray – Friday February 9th 2024 at Rio Grande Theatre

Join us for an unforgettable evening of live country music as PartyTenders presents the incredible Frank Ray at the iconic Rio Grande Theatre!

On Fri Feb 09 2024, the Rio Grande Theatre will come alive with sweet county melodies by Frank Ray from 9pm-11pm. This show is fully SEATED (no standing room allowed) for all ages. The Theatre DOES have a full bar available for 21+. Make sure to grab some food and pregame next door at Rad Retrocade or any other downtown venue before or after the show.

Located in the heart of downtown, the Rio Grande Theatre provides the perfect backdrop for a live country concert that’s a seated, intimate show. This date makes for a great early Valentines date night 😉

Come make some memories in downtown! Very limited tickets are on sale now.

Tickets can be purchased for UPPER or LOWER mezzanine levels at checkout. Upon arrival, your seating is open format in your respective level as there are no specific assigned seats. If you’d like to sit with friends, we suggest asking other attendees to shuffle around nicely or grab them a beer!

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