Vendor FAQs

What do I need to be authorized to sell?

Food Vendor with Vehicle (Food Truck Only- No Personal Vehicles Permitted)

  • NM Environmental Food Permit
  • City Business License
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Description of Sale Items
  • Payment
  • Photo of Setup

Food Vendor no Vehicle

  • NM Environmental Food Permit
  • City Business License
  • Description of Sale Items
  • Payment
  • Photo of Setup

Retail Vendor

  • City Business License
  • Description of Sale Items
  • Payment
  • Photo of Setup

Can I hang additional signage and menu banners?

You can only hang signage on your booth and one ground based a-frame or banner flag/stand within 5’ of your booth space

How much should I charge for food?

There are no regulations for pricing. Most entrees will sell for $7-$12, depending on the event, and food type.

How will the patrons pay for food?

All patrons will pay you directly as you would conduct your regular business.

All Main Food Vendors have a VIP sign on their food booth. Banded (wristband) VIP guests will have a food ticket that is redeemable for an $8 entrée with sides. You will save food tickets for pay out by Party Tenders staff after the event. Party Tenders staff will go to your booth to redeem your tickets after the event.

When will I get my load in details?

Load in details will be emailed no later than the week of the festival.

Vendor Load In – There are no Reserved Spaces

  • Main Street – North to South
  • La Placita – South to North

Do I get a discount for applying to multiple events?


  • 5 festivals 20% off
  • 3-4 festivals 15% off
  • 2 festivals 10% off

When will I find out if I am accepted into an event?

It is our goal to notify you immediately after reviewing your documents.

Can I rent a fire extinguisher at the event?

Yes. You can rent a fire extinguisher with $100 deposit, upon return $80 will be refunded. The festival organizers will only have a limited amount of extinguishers for rent. Contact us ASAP to reserve a fire extinguisher. This can be added to your invoice at the time of registration.

If it rains, does that mean that the event is cancelled?

No. We are up and running rain or shine.

Can I drop off payment in person?

Yes. Please call 575.541.0202 Tues-Fri 10a-5p and drop off payments at our office: 101 Perkins Drive, Suite B. Las
Cruces, NM 88005

Where can I find my booth space?

Booth spaces are numbered on the map, and load in is front to back, no reserved spaces. A Party Tenders
representative will help you find your load in space on site.

What are load in times?

Load in information can be found in your load-in letter emailed at least one week in advance.

You must follow these times as we only have one vehicle lane for load-in. You may enter with your vehicle if needed to unload, then quickly move your vehicle off-site t allow other vendors the same opportunity.

When are cars allowed on the venue for load out?

Cars will be allowed on the venue after all food traffic is cleared, approximately 30 minutes after the event closes.

Where is the closest parking?

There is parking all around the downtown area. A parking map is available here, and sent to your email along with load-in instructions.

Can vendors drink alcohol?

Yes. Vendors can get ID’d at the gate and visit the bar.

Can I play music in my booth?

No. Amplified sound is not permitted unless approval is given by PartyTenders Events Inc.

Can I sell water?

Yes, ONLY if you are a food vendor and have agreed to the donation terms. Water is sold by the festival for Love Las
Cruces nonprofit.

Can I sell soda?

Yes, ONLY if you are a food vendor.

Can I share a booth space?

Yes. You can split a booth space, but this must be noted on your application.

What is the standard booth size?

10’ x 10’. Please check your invoice.

Can I buy multiple booth spaces?

Yes. Pricing is based on a 10ft x 10ft booth space. Make sure to checkout with the correct quantity in your cart and
confirm with your PartyTenders representative.

Can I pay at or after the event?

No. All payment must be submitted in full 2 weeks prior to the event. You will not be allowed to load in for the event
if your vendor fee is still unpaid.

When will I be charged for the event?

Payments will be charged/deposited only if accepted into the festival.

Will you provide ice for sale?

Yes, ice will be available on site for $8 at the main bar. Orders will be cash & carry.

Am I allowed to display out front of my tent?

No. You are not allowed to display your products outside of the provided 10×10 area. You can stand out front to greet
customers and have signage within 5’ of your space, not blocking the street

Can I move my tent after I have been placed?

No. Once you have been placed you may not move without approval of event organizer.

Do I provide my own setup?

Yes. You provide your own setup and your tent must be weighted down. PartyTenders is not responsible for weighing
personal tents.

Can I bring my own generator for electricity?

Yes. Please notify us in advance, if it loud you will be placed away from the entertainment.

Is Electricity provided?

120v available for plugin at every green post along the perimeter of the plaza. Limited 240v plugins available on La Placita.

Can I come on-site and sell stuff?

For vendor booth or food truck inquiries, please click here.

Please note unauthorized vending of any kind is strictly prohibited on and around our festivals. This will be strictly enforced.

How do I become a vendor?

Click Vendors menu

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