Vendor Registration

Vendor Regsitration Information - Step 1 of 6

Thank you for your interest in being a Party Tenders Inc. Event vendor.

We have streamlined our registration process allowing for quick Party Tenders Inc. events vendor apprval, and event bookings. We are offering more festivals & events than before, and have more hands on deck to better assist you. Thank you for your support!

We look forward to some amazing events . There is a full calendar of Festivals, Parties, and Concerts this year. We hope to see you at all of them.

Now let’s get you registered, approved & booked. Vendor space is limited. Our new system will show you when the vendor spaces are sold out, and we will also notify you.

  • Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for Vendors, and if you still have a question just ask here, or reach out to us by email, through social media or through our contact form
  • If you have alread registered through our new system, make sure to keep your documents and contact information up to date.
  • Approval Deadline: 1 month prior to the festival.
  • Absolute Deadline: 2 weeks before the festival.

Before You Start the Application

Don't worry you can save your progress as you locate your documents.

Here's what will be required for All Vendors.

  • Business License
  • Tax and Revenue Registration Certificate (See a Sample)
  • Current Liability Insurance Waiver (See a Sample) Current Liability Insurance must list:
    • City of Las Cruces as Additionally Insured, (See page 1 of sample)
      City of Las Cruces
      PO BOX 20000
      Las, Cruces NM 88004
    • Endorsement needs to be included (See pages 2-4 of sample)
    • Waiver of Subrogation, sometimes called Waiver of Transfer of Rights of Recover Against Others to Us needs to be included, (See page 5 of sample)

Here's what will be required for Food Vendors.

  • Annual Food Permit (if Applicable) (See a Sample) -or- 1-day temporary event food permit. (Information here)
  • Las Cruces Business License
  • Proof of Fire Inspection (if Applicable). (See a Sample) Provide proof of Current Annual Fire Inspection. Be prepared for on-site fire inspection.Note: All vendors are required to have a fire extinguisher in booth Minimum 2A: 10BC -or- Class K (1.5 gallon, serviced/inspected/tagged) if cooking produces grease vapors (see Vendor Fire Safety Guidelines for details.) You are responsible for following the guidelines, please read so you can pass inspection with ease.

Additional Things you need that are not Required:

  • Digital Version of your logo
  • Promotional Images (up to 8) of your setup and items you sell. If you wish to submit more, you can email them to us once your vendor status is approved.
  • Social media contact information.

After your Vendor Regsitration is submitted

Once your registration is submitted and all required documents and information are in, we will email your invoice and contact you for payment. Party Tenders Inc. is notified automatically once your payment has been made, and as long as all required items are submitted, and space is available, you will be notified of your approval.

I Agree that i have read everything above, and have gathered all documents, images, and information needed to successfully complete the vendor registration form. Remember, progress can be saved as you fill out the application and you can return to complete it.
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